Commercial Roofing Services

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Commercial Roofing Services

When it comes to commercial businesses, it doesn’t matter what product or service you offer inside the building if the outside looks undesirable. The roof is actually a large part of a building’s outside appearance. Most likely, if your roof looks damaged, then there could be costly repairs needed inside as well.


We can help! At Roofing Done Rite, our commercial roofing experts will come and inspect the roof. We’ll let you know if there are necessary repairs as well as what to keep watch out for to prevent those costly repairs.



Are you building a new commercial property and need a roof? Does your current commercial property roof need some work? We at Roofing Done Rite are the specialists when it comes to all your commercial roofing needs. We understand the importance of designing and installing quality roofing systems for new construction projects. You can rely on us to install a solid and attractive roof on time and within budget.


We offer new roof construction services for both low-slope and steep-slope commercial roofs. With our focus on quality, we can properly install single-ply asphalt shingles, metal, and many other roofing systems. From small office buildings to large commercial buildings, no job is too big or too small for us.



Unfortunately, a commercial roof will normally have many more inherent issues than a residential one will. A leaking commercial roof could be affected because of environmental problems or maybe even external damage due to natural causes like wind or haul. The good news is that you may only need to repair specific area(s) or apply another layer of waterproofing material to the entire surface.


Whatever problems occur with commercial roofs, it is worth taking note that those problems cannot be compared to those of residential roofing predicaments. Commercial conditions and circumstances are usually going to require different solutions in comparison to residential roofing situations.


Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage and Leaks

  • Broken flashing seals
  • Inadequate drainage system
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Pounding UV rays
  • Roof age
  • Roof cracks or punctures
  • Time, wear, and tear break down a roof’s membrane
  • Weather including snow, rain, and high winds


Commercial roofs with minor damage can often be repaired. However, a full roof replacement may be necessary if your roof has significant damage or has reached the end of its service life. We can help! At Roofing Done Rite, our commercial roofing experts can examine your commercial roof to determine whether it needs a repair or a complete replacement.

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Every home or business owner qualifies for a free inspection. We’ll examine your roof and recommend the best options for your home.



We’ll create a plan based on the route you decide to go. Then our team will follow up to coordinate a schedule.



Next, it’s time to build your roof. Our crew is dedicated to making sure you and your neighbors are safe throughout the process.



Our team will inspect your roof using our thorough checklist and making sure every detail has been attended to with care.



Feel confident that your roof is in great shape. We guarantee satisfaction with our warranty options.

8 Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

When it’s time to inspect your commercial roof, here are eight signs that indicate you may have roof damage:


1. Ponding Water

Examine the rain gutters on your roof after a heavy downpour. If you notice water pooled up at any point, it may be an indication that the gutters are not adequate for diverting water away from your house. Our professional commercial roofers can inspect this closely and determine if the problem is just bad drainage or if there is some other kind of structural issue (such as failure to drain away underlayment water).


2. Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing becomes vulnerable to water infiltration when it becomes loose.  If your flashing is loose, water could be infiltrating your roof seams. Caught early, this may just lead to a small repair job, or potentially you’ll have to replace the flashing. It’s much more serious if you don’t catch it until later on.


3. Cracks and Tears

Cracks are one of the most common causes of commercial roof problems, and the cracking usually occurs after about 15 years of use. When you notice cracked roofs, it’s vital that you get help from an experienced roofer to ensure that the cracks cause no further structural damage.


4. Roof Leaks

The most obvious indication you have roof damage is when water drips inside your commercial property after it rains. If you notice your roof leaking, contact Roofing Done Rite immediately to schedule repairs before the damage outside begins to cause excessive damage inside.


5. Water Spots on Your Ceiling

Water spots on the roof and ceiling of your building are a common occurrence that can sometimes go unnoticed until it has become a problem. A common cause for water staining on the ceiling of your building is a leaky roof, so call our commercial roofing experts to inspect the problem and repair it as soon as possible.


6. Rips in Your Roof Membrane

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber roofs are a well-known roofing option for commercial buildings. However, if you see that your rubber roof membrane is starting to rip, this might mean that the watertight seal has been broken, and your building could become vulnerable to moisture penetration. When the protective layer on one’s roof rips, water might stream in through any holes created and cause major damage down the line. As such, it’s important to contact us at Roofing Done Rite as soon as you notice a rip like this forming – or else you risk your building suffering from huge rooftop leaks and serious damage!


7. Loose or Unattached EPDM Membrane

If your EPDM flat roof is waving in the wind, you’re no longer getting the roofing protection you need. It’s a basic fix if caught early enough, but a significant fix if left unnoticed. Keep your commercial building maintenance, and repair needs up to date with the commercial roofing experts at Roofing Done Rite!


8. Loose Roof Fasteners

When you see bumps on the surface of your roof, it could mean that your fasteners are loose. Fasteners are metal or other materials that secure other things together. If you’re able to spot the bolts through the membrane of your roof, this is an early indicator that your roof will need repairs in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out for this problem so it can be fixed promptly before something more serious occurs.


Regardless of what your commercial roofing needs are, we can help! Our experts at Roofing Done Rite will help you figure out whether you need to repair or replace your roof. We offer free inspections and estimates in Cincinnati, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Toledo areas. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection!