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Gutters and downspouts are an important aspect of most homes. Believe it or not, they help to prevent some roof and moisture issues.


Gutters are made out of either metal, aluminum, copper, or vinyl. They’re often installed at the edges of your home on the channel that either guides water runoff to your downspouts or directs snowmelt away from the foundation of your home (in some cases).


Downspouts are pipes that run vertically along the side of the home. They are elongated structures that connect at the top to a hole in the gutter channel. The other end bends outward and usually sits several inches above the ground. This allows water to flow away easily as it exits these pipes out into the ground once it has exited through the holes in the gutter channels on your roofline.


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Gutters protect a home from the damaging effects of water. Without proper gutter protection, water can seep into a home, leading to mold and structural problems over time. Gutters work by gathering the water coming down a roofline and funneling it safely away from your house, so it doesn’t lead to such problems. Gutters require little maintenance (and do not need to be cleaned after every rain), but, when they get clogged or damaged, they can cause major damage that will cost you more money in the long run than simply repairing them promptly when they break or clog.


In addition to moving water away, gutters can also help to prevent erosion by controlling water runoff. This protects any landscaping that’s around a property, though, understandably, if there is no landscaping around the property it might not be as significant an issue.



Gutters, as long as they’re well-maintained, provide insurance against future roof and moisture issues. In other words, they are more likely to help than harm. In most areas, gutters are necessary because of the amount of rainfall that can accumulate over time. Depending on where you live the ground might slope towards your home or not at all so it really depends on your specific situation.    



When it comes to gutter installation and replacement, you can depend on the professionals at Roofing Done Rite to install or replace seamless gutters on your home. We offer an impressive selection of custom gutters and downspouts. We are sure to have the perfect gutters for your property.



We understand that nothing is more frustrating than having gutters that simply don’t work as they should. No one likes to come home and find their porch or lawn flooded during a rainstorm because the gutters aren’t working properly. At Roofing Done Rite, we can help! We will repair your existing gutters to have them working properly.



Properly installed gutter systems are necessary to direct water away from your home, thereby protecting it from water damage. When gutters are inefficient and poorly maintained, rainwater collects on the ground at the base of the house. This can cause soil erosion, mold growth, and water damage to your roof or foundation.


We can help! Call Roofing Done Rite for gutter and downspout services. Our trained professionals will properly install new gutters or remove and replace your old gutters. We know that gutters need to be more than functional. We also understand that they need to blend in with your property’s overall look and feel. We’re sure to have a gutter that will complement the outdoor décor of your home.

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Here are 8 signs that your gutters and downspouts need to be repaired or replaced.


1. Gaps

Your gutters should not have large gaps. If they do, cut them out and replace them immediately.


2. Cracks or fractures

If you notice that your gutters are visibly damaged, it won’t be long before water seeps out onto your house or fascia. Any additional precipitation won’t be directed away from your home’s facade. If there are tiny cracks in the gutter’s film or screen, these will soon become larger holes, creating even bigger drainage problems for you in the future.


3. Standing water

Standing water in your gutter or downspouts (connected to the upstairs gutters) could indicate the presence of a blockage. If you can’t locate a clog, then you’ll need to install a new gutter.


4. Sagging gutters

A gutter that is bowing or pulling away from the home shows that your gutters’ brackets may be loose. If the drainage system is left untouched, you could have possible property damage in addition to breakage.


5. Peeling paint

When the paint on your property peels, it’s often due to constant moisture. Nowadays, most outdoor paint is able to withstand heavy damage from the elements. If the paint begins to flake off, then you may want to contact our gutter specialists to come and inspect them for you.


6. Rust

If a gutter becomes rusted or otherwise doesn’t work, do not wait for it to fail completely before replacing it. While the gutters may work for a time, it is best to install new sections before the rusted metal shatters and breaks.


7. Water damage marks

You’ll notice that you may have water damage when you see slight discolorations on the exteriors of your home, fascia, or downspouts. If there is any discoloration, get your gutters inspected or replaced before your exteriors get damaged any further. We can help! Call Roofing Done Rite to schedule a free inspection.


8. Soil erosion

Having a lush green yard is something that most homeowners dream of. Unfortunately, bad gutters let water loose into your yard, carrying dirt along with it. Soil erosion can not only be bad for your lawn, but it could expose your foundation to water damage.


We can help! Our experts at Roofing Done Rite, will help you figure out whether you can repair or need to replace your gutters or downspouts. We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Toledo areas.

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