Residential Roofing


Residential Roofing

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residential roofing

Residential Roofing


As a homeowner, it’s difficult and expensive to make home improvements and even more complex and disappointing to see all that work destroyed by water damage from a leaking roof. Don’t let your home’s roof problems get in the way of enjoying your home. At Roofing Done Rite, our residential roofing professionals are here to make sure that your roof is in perfect condition.


Let’s face it; no one really takes the time to inspect their roof. You simply trust that it will do its job. Unknowingly neglecting your roof can cause serious problems for the rest of your house and lead to costly repairs. So how do you know when repairs need to be done or when to invest in a new roof? Make sure to stay on top of these warning signs so you can get to the root of the problem sooner.


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1. An Old Roof
Many roofs are made with shingles which can last up to around 25 years. When your roof gets close to this kind of time frame, it may start to have certain issues you might be bothered by. For example, you might see that one or two shingles are missing or that there are dark-colored spots on the roof. If that is the case, call our residential roofing experts to come and inspect your roof so they can determine its condition.


2. Dark/Dirty Areas on the Roof
It’s possible to tell when it’s time for more roof shingle granules by spotting any darkened areas. This signals that your existing shingles have aged, and the new ones should be put on soon to keep the integrity of your structure intact. It could also be an indication that there is algae or moss growing on your roof. This should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent further degradation of your home’s condition and value.


3. Missing Shingles
No roof lasts forever, and you’re likely to need roof repair at some point. It could be due to storm damage, or it may be simply because your roof is in rough shape. When shingles become loose or fall off, the area becomes exposed, and this often leads to roof leaks.

4. Signs of Water Damage Inside Your Home/Attic
If you’re experiencing any kind of leaks inside your home or attic, it is likely that there are problems with shingles beneath the surface and/or flashing on your roof. If you find mold and mildew along with water stains, call Roofing Done Rite, we’ll find the source and resolve the problem! It’s best to call as soon as you begin noticing water stains or suspect there might be leaks because these things can dramatically escalate if left untreated!

5. Granules or Sand on the Driveway
If you have gutters, they can help you spot roof problems earlier. This is because as shingles start getting older and lose their granule coating, those granules will slide down your roof and wash directly into your gutters! It’s a good idea to check your home’s gutters on a regular basis. If you notice a substantial amount of dust or dirt there – especially during the months of May – September – this could be a sign that something up on your roof needs to be attended to right away!

6. Shingles Popping Up / Exposed Nail Heads
If you notice nails popping out of place, it’s a sign the holes and spaces surrounding the nails are susceptible to water penetration which can lead to leaks in your roof. When this happens, you might be forced to replace your roof earlier than expected which could cost you a lot of money.

7. Roof Shingles Look … Funny
Shingles that are damaged or have reached the end of their useful life will start to curl, crack, or blister. Unfortunately, that’s often hard to determine from the ground level of your home! If your roof shingles are damaged, you may start to notice that your roof just looks weird. Some areas may look highly textured compared to others. Your roof may even look “bumpy” from the ground. Either way, if you are seeing these warning signs, call one of our residential roofing experts!

8. Your Roof Is Sagging
A sagging roof can mean several things: your roof could be weak and deteriorating, it could have been installed improperly, or it might be supporting too much weight (snow, ice, added roof layers, etc.). Whatever the case may be, a sagging roof needs to be replaced immediately. If you don’t replace your sagging roof soon, it could potentially collapse!

9. You Notice Missing Flashing
What is flashing? Flashing is a flat and thin material used to prevent water from entering the openings and cracks of a roof. Flashing is placed around projections that intersect with your roof, such as your chimney. If the sealing around these structures is broken or damaged, water can easily leak into your home.

10. Increase in Heating/Cooling Bills
An increase in your home’s heating and cooling costs could mean many different roofing issues. Sealing off your attic at the beginning of the winter season will prevent moisture buildup that comes with snowmelt. The consequence of insulation loss is more heat or cool air escaping, which equates to an uncontrollable electricity bill that will skyrocket if not fixed as soon as possible.

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If you notice your roof is leaking or it’s missing shingles, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complete re-roofing. Our residential roofing experts can repair minor problems without replacing the entire roofing material. You will want to repair any initial damage to protect your roof against further deterioration. Any possible issues with your roof need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage and eventual repair costs escalating. Call our Roofing Done Rite experts to schedule a residential roofing inspection.




If your roof can’t be repaired, you may need to get a new one. To get started, our residential roofing experts look at your roof to decide what options are available for you. Then, we inspect the ceiling framework to ensure it is structurally sound. Once everything has been cleared for replacement, we will remove the current roofing material and damaged parts of the plywood deck. Next, we apply new underlayment and overlay the plywood deck. Finally, your new roof will be installed!


Suppose you need to replace or repair your current roofing system. In that case, our residential roofing experts will advise which one of the several different styles and designs available, including clay tiles (for cooler climates), asphalt shingles (for warmer climates), or metal (if you want something more lasting) will be best for your home based on how heavy duty you want them to be or other smart factors like efficiency!


Regardless of what your residential roofing needs are, we can help! Our experts at Roofing Done Rite will help you figure out whether you need to repair or replace your roof. We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners in Cincinnati, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Toledo areas. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection!

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