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There are many situations in life where accidents happen. Some of these situations are out of our control, while others are just bad luck if you will. It can be unpredictable at times, and at Roofing Done Rite, we know how difficult it can be working with insurance services.

When it comes to homeowners’ insurance, you’re glad you have it, but you hope you never have to use it. When damage has been done to your roof, siding, or gutters, we understand how stressful that can be—especially if the damage is due to a tree falling, hail, or other natural disaster.

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Insurance services work differently with churches than they do with residential properties or other commercial properties. When filing a claim for insurance services for a church, the claim must be very specific—more detailed than it would be for your home.  As a result, many businesses lack the experience and expertise to help churches when insurance services are involved.


Don’t worry! We can help! At Roofing Done Rite, we are well-versed in helping churches through the insurance process. Many churches are in desperate need of damage restoration but lack the knowledge and experience to walk through the process. We can help! At Roofing Done Rite, our insurance services experts will facilitate the process for you. We’ll work with the insurance company to help alleviate some of the stress and pressure. We understand how important it is to be good stewards of what others have donated, so we do our best to work with insurance companies to help save churches funds in the long run.


Insurance Services and Roofing Repair or Replacement

If your roof was damaged in a fire or, say, some serious hail or some strong wind, and that resulted in some water damage inside of your house, there’s a chance that the conditions of your homeowners’ policy will cover the costs of getting it fixed. You will want to check your check your policy though to ensure that it doesn’t have exclusions on things like wind or hail damage (known to underwriters as “perils”).

However, homeowners’ insurance generally only covers damage that is due to sudden, accidental events. It’s not really designed to help pay for the kind of wear and tear or unexceptional maintenance issues that can eventually lead to more expensive repairs down the road. So, if your leaky roof or damaged siding is caused by its age or an unresolved maintenance issue, homeowners’ insurance may not be able to help you repair the problem quickly.
When it comes to insurance services, we recommend that you double-check your policy to learn what your homeowners’ insurance covers. Then, let us know. We’ll be happy to work with your insurance company to get your claim filed and your property restored to normal.

Additionally, if you are planning on buying a new home, it is highly advisable to get a roof inspection done beforehand. It could save you money down the road. We’re here for you! Just contact one of our roofing specialists to schedule a free inspection.

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Every home or business owner qualifies for a free inspection. We’ll examine your roof and recommend the best options for your home.



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Next, it’s time to build your roof. Our crew is dedicated to making sure you and your neighbors are safe throughout the process.



Our team will inspect your roof using our thorough checklist and making sure every detail has been attended to with care.



Feel confident that your roof is in great shape. We guarantee satisfaction with our warranty options.

Insurance Services and Siding Repair or Replacement

Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover damage to your siding. However, most policies stop covering siding if it becomes clear that the damage was caused directly by weather—regardless of any secondary factors that may have contributed. For example, if there were cracks in the wall before the storm hit, and then several thousand pounds of debris fell on top of it during a storm, your insurer might not cover the entire cost to fix the broken windows even though they were definitely damaged by rain. If you encounter a storm that clearly does damage to your siding, make sure you take pictures right away. It will help you prove to your insurance company what happened. Make note of when and where they happened too.


You’ll want to check your policy thoroughly to make sure the damage is covered. Some insurers include exclusions to try to hold down their liability. You also want to make sure the damage is worth filing a claim. Some minor cosmetic damage, such as chipped paint on aluminum siding, may not be worth the deductible and a potential increase in your monthly premiums.


One big consideration in the event that some of your siding needs to be replaced after a storm is color matching with your existing siding. If your walls have previously been painted, it may be an impossible task for anyone involved with the replacement process, it would be helpful if you had old paint samples around to help with this! Also, sometimes the manufacturer has discontinued the color or type of siding that is currently attached to your home. If this is the case, you may want to consider doing a complete siding replacement rather than just where it is damaged.


The good news is that some policies have clauses that allow for the replacement of all the home’s siding if one area is damaged. You should check your policy and talk with your agent to see if this is the case in your policy.


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At Roofing Done Rite, we understand that when you need to work with your insurance company, it can be intimidating and confusing. We can help! We have extensive experience working with numerous insurance agencies that offer various levels of compensation on their policies. We’ll do our best to ensure that you are getting the most out of your policy.


We can help! If you need to use insurance services for your repair or replacement on your roof, siding, or gutter services, our experts at Roofing Done Rite will help you! We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners, businesses, and churches in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Toledo areas.