Siding Repair & Replacement


Siding Repair & Replacement

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Siding Repair Siding Replacement

Siding Repair & Replacement


Siding is the finishing touch on a house or business. In addition to offering residential or commercial roofing repair, at Roofing Done Rite, we install a range of siding products, ensuring we integrate the best option for your home. Whether you need to repair certain parts of your siding before replacement, or if you want to change the materials used altogether, our services are expertly tailored just for you.


We can help! At Roofing Done Rite, our siding repair experts will inspect your property and give you a quote for our siding repair, installation, and siding replacement services.


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Vinyl siding has been a top choice in the field of home remodeling for many years. It is durable, beautiful and comes in a wide range of colors. Vinyl siding is also affordable and requires very little upkeep meaning you can spend money on other things. Vinyl siding is easy to clean by washing it with soap and water, though sometimes more complicated stains will need some additional help to get off your vinyl clapboard.

Fiber cement siding is vinyl-polymer sheeting that features a fiberglass reinforcement to make the material strong and durable. It resembles wood, and it is designed to help control moisture buildup inside the home. Fiber cement siding is further coated for added durability, and it comes in a wide range of colors with various textures that mimic natural materials like stone or cedar.

Wood siding provides a naturally beautiful appearance. It can be stained or painted to match the style and personality of any home. Wood siding requires maintenance to keep it working properly and performing well over time, but that maintenance isn’t difficult and will provide years of beauty.
Unfortunately, your residential or commercial property’s siding will not last forever. Well-performing siding will help to ensure that your property stays in the best condition possible, keeping the cold out and the warmth in during the winter and vice versa during the summer. Your property’s siding helps prevent water from infiltrating your home and improves your energy efficiency. Plus, it helps your house keep looking great from the outside.

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Below are seven signs that your property may need siding repair or replacement.



Siding can become damaged by debris during a storm, so it’s important to have it inspected for safety after. Loose siding could be blown off by high winds because nails are not holding it in place. Even if the nails are intact, your siding may be in rough condition because of sun damage or other things that wind may have knocked off early on in your house’s life. If you have any concerns, then perhaps the best siding repair option would be to completely replace your home’s siding with newer material.  



Wood siding should keep its shape and color for 8-10 years under average conditions. If your home needs to be painted more frequently than every 8-10 years, it may be time to consider alternative options such as Vinyl or Fiber Cement siding. Each of these products boast a variety of varied styles and colors that will retain their color and shape for decades yet require very little maintenance. 



If your siding has begun to warp, rot or become soft, it’s time for a makeover. A fast and reliable solution is to replace it. To test for rot, insert a screwdriver or prybar gently under the boards and joints along gutters and chimneys to see if the material underlying the area is soft and easy to poke into. This indicates significant damage. Also, tap on the outside of the siding with the handle of a screwdriver; if it crumbles, splits or sound hollow, this can indicate dry rot. Dry rot goes undetected because it festers beneath the surface leaving only the top layer of the siding intact. If you don’t want to test your siding by yourself, just call us at Roofing Done Rite. One of our siding repair specialists will come out and inspect it for you.  



If your siding has suffered storm damage (despite your best efforts to keep it safe) or other damage (errant baseballs, for example), it may have holes or cracking. Other, smaller holes and damage in siding may be evidence of insects burrowing into the wood, like termites, ants, or other pests that can cause significant damage. Whatever size they are, holes and cracks can lead to big problems, allowing rain and snow to get into and underneath the siding. Repairing this damage can be labor-intensive and costly, especially if insects reach your home’s structural framework. 



Believe it or not, any type of growth such as fungus, mold, algae, or mildew on your siding can be a significant issue. This can be an indication that moisture is being trapped in the siding or penetrating the siding and seeping into the walls. While some fungus and mildew is harmless, it’s a good idea to remove it at least once or twice a year and inspect the area of its growth to ensure your siding is effectively keeping your home watertight.



Bubbles in your siding paint, water stains on your walls and evidence of water swell under wallpaper are all signs that the siding on the outside of your home is no longer stopping water from coming into your house. It’s important to regularly inspect the inside portion of your homes exterior walls for these signs following storms in order to catch these problems before they cause more damage than necessary. Additionally, call us at Roofing Done Rite to schedule annual inspections of your interior walls as well as those in your attic so as not to overlook evidence of problematic water infiltration. 



If you’ve lived in your home for years and notice that your heating and cooling bills have gone up unexpectedly, this can be a sign that your siding has reached the end of its functional life. Nevertheless, there are a few things you might want to check before blaming your siding. First, make sure that the expense increase isn’t across the board (i.e., that the power company hasn’t just raised everybody’s electricity rates). Next, make sure your roof is in good shape as well as your attic insulation.


We can help! Our experts at Roofing Done Rite, will help you figure out whether you can repair or need to replace your siding. We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners in Cincinnati, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Toledo areas.

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