Siding Replacement


Siding  Replacement

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Siding Repair Siding Replacement

Siding Replacement


Your siding is one of the first things people will notice about your property, so maintaining it can help boost your curb appeal as well as your overall home value. But because so much of your home’s exterior is made up of siding, any issues leave your home vulnerable to damage. While most often, you will simply be able to do some siding repair, there are cases when it is best to do a complete siding replacement.


We can help! At Roofing Done Rite, our siding replacement experts will inspect your property and give you a quote for our siding repair, installation, and siding replacement services.


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Vinyl siding has been a top choice in the field of home remodeling for many years. It is durable, beautiful and comes in a wide range of colors. Vinyl siding is also affordable and requires very little upkeep meaning you can spend money on other things. Vinyl siding is easy to clean by washing it with soap and water, though sometimes more complicated stains will need some additional help to get off your vinyl clapboard.



Fiber cement siding is vinyl-polymer sheeting that features a fiberglass reinforcement to make the material strong and durable. It resembles wood, and it is designed to help control moisture buildup inside the home. Fiber cement siding is further coated for added durability, and it comes in a wide range of colors with various textures that mimic natural materials like stone or cedar.



Wood siding provides a naturally beautiful appearance. It can be stained or painted to match the style and personality of any home. Wood siding requires maintenance to keep it working properly and performing well over time, but that maintenance isn’t difficult and will provide years of beauty.

Unfortunately, your residential or commercial property’s siding will not last forever. Well-performing siding will help to ensure that your property stays in the best condition possible, keeping the cold out and the warmth in during the winter and vice versa during the summer. Your property’s siding helps prevent water from infiltrating your home and improves your energy efficiency. Plus, it helps your house keep looking great from the outside.

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8 signs that your property may need siding replacement.



Siding can become damaged by debris during a storm, so it’s important to have it inspected for safety after. Loose siding could be blown off by high winds because nails are not holding it in place. Even if the nails are intact, your siding may be in rough condition because of sun damage or other things that wind may have knocked off early on in your house’s life. If you have any concerns, then perhaps the best siding repair option would be to do a compete siding replacement with newer material.  



If you hear a bump in the night, it’s probably not a ghost—popping sounds, creaking noises and rattling can be signs of siding issues. Vinyl installations may leave room for those movements of contractions and expansions–especially as the seasons change.

When siding is too tight, you hear those creepy creaking or popping sounds and then rattling from the wind. The way to mitigate these scary sounds (and the problem altogether) is to call Roofing Done Rite. As siding replacement professionals, we can remove and reapply them correctly.



If your siding has begun to warp, rot or become soft, it’s time for a makeover. A fast and reliable solution is to replace it. To test for rot, insert a screwdriver or prybar gently under the boards and joints along gutters and chimneys to see if the material underlying the area is soft and easy to poke into. This indicates significant damage. Also, tap on the outside of the siding with the handle of a screwdriver; if it crumbles, splits or sound hollow, this can indicate dry rot. Dry rot goes undetected because it festers beneath the surface leaving only the top layer of the siding intact. If you don’t want to test your siding by yourself, just call us at Roofing Done Rite. One of our siding replacement specialists will come out and inspect it for you.  



Siding may be often one of the least thought about features of our homes, but it’s actually shockingly important. It protects your home from exterior elements like rain and snow, keeping whatever is on the inside nice and cozy. One way to know if your siding needs repair is spotting water damage inside; there can sometimes be leaks that occur outside of your home that find their way in via the siding, which you may notice by seeing water stains or discoloration on trim or floorboards. If this happens it means you need to take action immediately to prevent mold or rotting around the affected areas before it’s too late.



Faded and missing patches of paint are a big sign of a siding problem. The effects of the sun along with moisture will start to wear or fade away parts of your house’s or building’s siding, for example, doors, walls etc. Any affected areas badly need an effective solution so be sure to have them fixed right away before doing anything else. Peeling paint will also leave your siding exposed, allowing for moisture damage which then could rear its ugly head later on. The last thing that you want is to have all damage done by moisture being sealed in by fresh, newly painted surfaces. Painting isn’t just cosmetic; it also serves the critical purpose of sealing and protecting your siding.


As a side note, vinyl siding will generally never need paint since the color is mixed in, but it can fade and needs replacing or special “vinyl-safe” paint if you’re looking to change the color.



Bubbles in your siding paint, water stains on your walls, and evidence of water swelling under wallpaper are all signs that the siding on the outside of your home is no longer stopping water from coming into your house. It’s important to regularly inspect the inside portion of your home’s exterior walls for these signs following storms in order to catch these problems before they cause more damage than necessary. Additionally, call us at Roofing Done Rite to schedule annual inspections of your interior walls as well as those in your attic so as not to overlook evidence of problematic water infiltration. 



Termite damage is one of the more common reasons why you would need to replace wood siding. This kind of damage can have major impacts if not caught soon enough. Contact Roofing Done Rite, and one of our siding replacement experts will come and inspect your siding for you.


Even though some types of siding are less susceptible to termites, you could still face other pest problems. Rodents or other insects can find their way into your home and create nests between your siding and interior walls. A professional should always inspect the problem and seal off the little critter’s former home for you, so the problem stops at the source. 



​If your insulation is lacking, the weather conditions outside will take more of a toll on your homeownership than you realize – especially in winter and summer. When your home isn’t properly insulated to begin with, elements like harsh winters and sweltering summers could result in an increase in energy bills which can then snowball into a large financial problem.


We can help! Our experts at Roofing Done Rite, will help you figure out whether you can repair or need to replace your siding. We offer free inspections and estimates to homeowners in Cincinnati, Dayton, Perrysburg, and Toledo areas.

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