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Below you will find the estimated pricing for project. Please keep in mind that this is not the final price quote and is based on the home specifications you entered. We will provide you with a final quote after we confirm your home’s measurements.


Home Details:

Address: [227], [228], [229] [230]

Home Square Footage: [200]   |   Home Type: [201]   |   Damage? [204]   |   Insurance? [205]   |   Linear Feet of Gutters: [214]   |   Number of Downspouts: [215]   |   Gutter Guards? [216]



[if 192 equals=”Yes”]Roof Replacement Pricing

Standard Dimensional Asphalt Shingles (Good): [234]
(240lb/sqft, 15 Year Warranty, High Definition)

Dimensional Asphalt Shingles (Better): [235]
(240lb/sqft, 50 Year Warranty, Standard Definition)

Pro Dimensional Asphalt Shingles (Best): [236]
(270lb/sqft, 50 Year Warranty, High Definition)


[/if 192]

[if 193 equals=”Yes”]RoofMaxx Roof Restoration

RoofMaxx Application: [233]


[/if 193]


[if 194 equals=”Yes”]Siding Pricing

New Vinyl Siding: [241]

New Composite Siding: [242]


[/if 194]


[if 195 equals=”Yes”]New Gutters

New Gutters: [237]

New Gutters with Roof Replacement/Restoration: [239]


New Gutter Guards: [238]

New Gutter Guards with Roof Replacement/Restoration: [240]


[/if 195]



Please respond to this email or call us to schedule your FREE no obligation inspection with a Roofing Done Rite roofing specialist to confirm all measurements and details are correct before providing you with a final quote.

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